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The CEO and its Role in the Kingland Cognitive Suite

Platform Demo: Reference Data Management

Platform Demo: Workflow Management

Platform Demo: Rules Management

The Inventor and its Role in the Kingland Cognitive Suite

The Scholar and its Role in the Kingland Cognitive Suite

Leadership Discussion: The predictability of Kingland under CMMI for Development Level 5

The Collector and its Role in the Kingland Cognitive Suite

Why Kingland is Focused on Extracting Important Data from Unstructured Content

Platform Demo: Hierarchy Data Management

Platform Demo: User, Group and Role Management

Is it Cognitive ... AI ... Machine Learning? What is it?

Kingland: Why Iowa?

Top Themes from DTCC’s 2018 Fintech Symposium

CAT: It's Time for the Experts

Documents: The Enterprise Data Goldmine

Building Software like LEGOs

Managed Hosting Platform: Blue/Green Deployments

Text Analysis: Building Neural Networks to Answer Questions about Complex Data

The Skepticism and Optimism of Artificial Intelligence

How Kingland uses Natural Language Processing to Give you Comprehension, Context, and Control of your Data

Microservices: What's in it for me?

Executives: Don't Fall into the Cognitive Computing Trap

How Kingland uses Containers to Pass Savings to Clients

Databases: One Size Does Not Fit All

5 Challenges to Disclosing Financial Interests for Independence Compliance

Overcome a Common Personal Independence Gap that Blinds Organizations to Potential Conflicts

Why Assets Require Maintenance: A Case for Proactive Data Monitoring

Removing Inefficiency in Personal Independence Financial Disclosures

Why Large Enterprises are Moving to Platform Strategies

A Banker, a Retailer, and an Accountant Walk into a Bar...

A Simple Explanation of CAT Complexity

Use Cognitive to Harvest More Data and Identify Insights Faster

Using AI to Read, Understand and Apply Data

Data Management Summit -  A Focus on AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive

3 Quick Tips: The Auditor Independence Loan Rule

Customer and Account Challenges Ahead After CAT Announcement

Agile + Architecture = Microservices

Data Quality and the Value of Data

Top 3 CDO Themes from FIMA Europe

Use Industry Models to Help with Global Challenges of GDPR

Dulling the Bleeding Edge: Growing the Future of Web Development

Four Categories of Data Quality Management

Microservices and the Cloud Go Hand in Hand

Six Quick Tips for Cognitive Project Success

Over 90% of Hierarchy Data Problems Fall Into These Categories

5 Essential Steps to Measuring Entity Data Quality

$500,000 Problems Hiding in Budget Season

How Analogies Bridge the Communication Gap Between IT and the Business

Reference Data Implications of SCCL

The Value of Data Governance

Public Interest Entities: How do I source this 'public' data?

Data Quality: Are you a brick inspector?

How Agile Unlocks Expertise

Data Management: What is blocking your success?

Metadata is Data Too

Data Quality Requires its Own Strategy

Alignment Reveals Value of Data Governance

Does your Technology Partner 'Count Sheep' or 'Lose Sleep'?

Microservices: The New Kid on the Architectural Block

Intelligent Independence Inspection Part 5: A Regulatory Viewpoint

Intelligent Independence Inspection Part 4: Streamlining the User Experience

Intelligent Independence Inspection Part 3: Enhancing Data Privacy

Broken Windows and Data Quality

Intelligent Independent Inspection Part 2: Localization in a Global World

Let's Clear the "Gobbledygook" With Data Management Maturity

It's a Scary World... How Can I Trust the Security of my Solution?

Intelligent Independence Inspection Part 1: Bending the Cost Curve

Data Quality Index - Is it new?

Ironclad Independence: Brokerage Data Automation

Is Data Science Reserved for Big Data?

Data Governance vs. Data Management

Bad Data Quality is Like Raw Chicken

What is a Data Diagnostic?

Agile Part 2: Know Your Quality

Why Should you do a Cognitive Data Project in 2016?

Agile Part 1: Do You Know What Your Team is Working On?

How Big is Your Data Quality Dashboard?

How to Scope Your Data Governance Program

5 Reasons Data Quality is Important

Data Quality Requires Data Governance

What am I? The Truth Behind Legal Entity Data

Will Cognitive Computing Take Over Your Job?

From Code to Crayons - "The Walk-Around" Chart

4 Steps to Data Governance Success

Why We Chose a Partnership Structure

Move Quicker and Spend Less on Your Data Quality

4 Steps to Great Quality Control

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