Kingland Platform Simplifies Complex Data Problems

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Nov 5, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Clear Lake, Iowa – Kingland, the leading designer of data platform solutions for the world's most integral companies, announced the next generation of the Kingland Platform. Clients will experience comprehensive views of their data and processes, increasing organizational efficiency and speed in using and managing data.

The Kingland Platform is a customizable data platform that conforms and augments to client processes and operations. The updated user interface allows clients to understand current and historical work, comprehensively see how entities are interconnected, and quickly view changes to entities.

"By focusing on business use case problems rather than a technology desire, we're able to tailor solutions to unique client requirements," said Chief Technology Evangelist Matt Good. "Our approach is to provide foundational and differentiating components that allow clients to expand how they configure, integrate, and manage their data."

Good specifically said the UI makes very complex data problems easier to consume by clients.

Figure 1: Search, edit, and view entity data within the multi-pane user interface.Figure 1: Search, edit, and view entity data within the multi-pane user interface.

Platform Enhancements
The company started by paring down the company's robust workflow. Often, clients want simple, easy-to-use functionality that runs business rules, still shows a history of entity changes and supports concurrent workflows. This is great for simple task management and attribute change management use cases. The updated Kingland Platform simplifies the process for approvals and changes. Clients can quickly view task details, comments, task changes, and more inside a panel that remains visible on the page. Another functionality aspect includes the ability to export UI table data into a CSV or Excel file. Clients can also export additional attributes.

Figure 2: View, manage, and organize essential data tasks and operations.Figure 2: View, manage, and organize essential data tasks and operations.

Figure 3: Use light-weight administrative user interfaces for critical actions like bulk data imports and exports.Figure 3: Use light-weight administrative user interfaces for critical actions like bulk data imports and exports.

Platform Text Analytics
The Platform uses dynamic dialect routing, which allows the use of more specialized/tuned language models to be leveraged when processing unstructured content. Based on what the machine is reading, it can dynamically use its resources to focus on language specific to that corpus. For example, if reading through a legal document, the machine uses an algorithm that fits that purpose instead of running a news-based algorithm.

This will speed up a client's ability to filter out noise, saving time and resources. Take action sooner on relevant information from articles and filings. Good said knowledge workers and other industry experts will be able to refocus at least 50% of the time they historically spend reading, searching, and trying to monitor a variety of critical sources of information.

"The Kingland Platform allows us to create a unified enterprise solution by combining different data management and text analytics capabilities, based on industry fit, and with specific domain use cases," added Good.

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About Kingland
Kingland is a leading provider of enterprise-class software solutions using its Kingland Platform and teams of data and technology experts. The world's largest stock exchanges, financial institutions, public accounting firms, and other Fortune 500 companies use the Kingland Platform for data management, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Since 1992, Kingland has helped data-intensive, highly regulated clients discover new ways to grow their business and protect their reputation securely. For more information about Kingland, please visit

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