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Kingland Leadership Announcement

5/20/19 9:30 PM

Kingland has experienced great growth the last 25 years and is poised for continuing that trend the next 25 years. The last 9 months Todd Rognes and I have spent time looking at what is working well for us and what needs improvement. We believe our strategy is sound, but our objective is to build an organization that has continuous improvement and innovation at its very core. We want to be viewed as the best of the best and know that our clients really appreciate the skills and software capabilities we bring to their engagements.

This objective has made us think about the leadership we want in place for the next 10 years and the opportunities we hope to create for the next generation of leaders who are going to help us achieve our goals. In support of that 10-year vision, last month the Kingland Board of Directors named the leadership to take us the next step of this journey to excellence. Todd Rognes was named Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and Tony Brownlee was named President of the company. I will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board and also take on a new role of Chief Innovation Officer.  

Todd and Tony are extremely capable, experienced and respected leaders with an immense passion for our company, customers, and people. I know they will work to deepen and expand our capabilities to deliver technology solutions and client value.

As CEO, Todd Rognes will be responsible for the strategic direction and governance of the company. Rognes joined Kingland in 1999 after holding several executive positions, notably for Texas-based DocuCorp International, helping to lead the IPO of the company prior to Kingland. Rognes has served as Chief Financial Officer and most recently, President of Kingland. He is a graduate of Iowa State University and is also a certified public accountant.

As President, Tony Brownlee will be responsible for the business operations of the company. Brownlee joined Kingland in 2003 after starting his career in finance and marketing. Brownlee has been instrumental in Kingland’s product and client growth, most recently serving as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. Brownlee is a graduate of Central College and earned an MBA from Iowa State University.

As Chief Innovation Officer, I will continue to drive the strategic vision of the company’s business, products and operational innovations. I will work with Todd and Tony on developing business and investment strategies and help research best practices and develop the Kingland Way methodology to improve our ability to perform our work with professionalism and excellence.  

We have a good strategy and our goal is to excel in building great software and delivering value to our clients. My belief is the leadership team we are putting in place, starting with Todd and Tony and the other successful individuals that will join them, are very capable professionals and I’m looking forward to the next 25 years of growth.

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