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Tony Brownlee is a Kingland partner, responsible for leading and setting the strategy for the company’s Data Science and Research solutions and business worldwide. Mr. Brownlee has been instrumental in leading data initiatives at Kingland, as a founding member of the Kingland team that built the company’s first data platform, to his work with the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) developing the first LEI platform in the world for DTCC, and his work today leading Kingland’s work in data quality and industry solutions using cognitive technologies. Mr. Brownlee’s leadership extends across the company as he has managed numerous operational, product development, business development, and client relationship management functions for the company. Additionally, Mr. Brownlee manages Kingland’s strategic relationships and partnerships with many of the leading technology companies, data vendors, and consulting companies. Mr. Brownlee is recognized as a thought leader in the financial services industry and speaks regularly at industry events on data quality, data governance, data standards, legal entity and hierarchy data, and cognitive technologies. Within the industry, Mr. Brownlee has served on various committees including the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIFMA); the International Standards Organization (ISO); the Financial Stability Board (FSB) for the LEI; and the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC). Prior to joining Kingland, Mr. Brownlee worked in the financial services industry providing consulting services for a top ten global bank and an international agri-business company. Mr. Brownlee holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Central College in Pella, Iowa; an MBA from Iowa State University; and serves on advisory boards of both institutions.
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Leadership Discussion: The predictability of Kingland under CMMI for Development Level 5

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 6/26/18 6:34 AM

It took 5 years, the formation of a specialized team and many hours of work for Kingland to move from a maturity level three to maturity level five from the CMMI Institute. And the company did that while embarking on an agile journey. 

Fewer than 55 U.S. companies have achieved a maturity level 5 appraisal rating from the CMMI Institute as of June 2018. This appraisal means Kingland is focused on continuous improvement and is built to pivot and respond to opportunity and change, according to the institute. 

"This gives us predictability in how we deliver solutions for our customers," said Kingland Chief Strategy Officer Tony Brownlee. For example, a company can ask, "What's your process and your software development cycle?" Kingland can provide a program guide, answer requirement questions, and show clients that the company has rigorous, time-tested, and controlled processes that can deliver what a client needs.  

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Kingland: Why Iowa?

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 4/5/18 10:08 AM

So why Iowa? It’s a question we get often from executives around the world. For such an innovative company of software architects, artificial intelligence engineers, and data SMEs, how and why do we do it from Iowa? The answer is quite strategic, and I'll go over four of the key reasons we choose to grow Kingland from Iowa. 

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Top Themes from DTCC’s 2018 Fintech Symposium

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 3/27/18 6:13 AM

Last week leading banks, broker dealers, and regulators gathered in New York for DTCC’s third annual Fintech Symposium. This is always a must attend event for Kingland as its incredibly well run and covers many of the emerging trends in the industry in an afternoon.  DTCC’s perspective is critical as they sit at the cross roads of the sell side, buy side, and global regulatory environment, so if an issue is on the table, there’s a strong reason. 

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CAT: It's Time for the Experts

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 2/13/18 6:30 AM

As the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) saga continues to unfold, there is continued uncertainty throughout the industry. When are the reporting deadlines? Are the specifications published and final? Are we reporting personally identifiable information or not? All of these questions are clearly on the table, being discussed by the SEC, SROs, and firms throughout the industry. As the weeks go by in 2018, we expect the answers to these questions to become clear. 

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Documents: The Enterprise Data Goldmine

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 1/24/18 6:32 AM

For years and years, regulatory and legal requirements have created hundreds if not thousands of processes that require companies to capture information in documents or records. This information includes details about their customers, suppliers, market activity, and many other facets of their business. I don't know a company on the planet that really values all of this documentation. However, in the era of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, we're discovering that all of this documentation may be a goldmine of data for these large enterprises. 

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The Skepticism and Optimism of Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 10/25/17 6:17 AM

In the last 30 days I've had many conversations with executives about cognitive, or artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. I think we've made tremendous progress with our cognitive computing suite at Kingland over the last 7 years and it's fun to show people what we've done and where we're headed. The surprising thing to me, though, is the amount of skepticism I still hear from these leaders. When it comes to AI, there's almost a "too good to be true" cautiousness in the discussions. I think this is driven from the sheer volume of attention AI is getting as these leaders are asked daily to join the "AI Club". At the same time, though, I hear an incredible amount of optimism. Executives are thinking "maybe AI is one of the key investments I need to make to really make a difference." The efficiency, the automation, the chance to deliver something innovative for their company; all of these breed optimism.

I'd like to explore both sides of this skepticism / optimism coin. Let's look at one of the most popular questions I get:  " that really AI"? 

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Executives: Don't Fall into the Cognitive Computing Trap

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 8/24/17 6:25 AM

Executives are faced with an evolving challenge related to the "cognitive era."  There is an unending, growing pressure from competitors, analysts, and vendors to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), or "cognitive." Be wary. The cognitive trap is this: executives know there is tremendous potential with cognitive computing and they also know they have goals for their business for next year, so they simply combine them and assume cognitive MUST be the answer to their goals. My advice is don't fall into the trap of letting the "legend" of cognitive take over, but focus on value instead. 

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Why Large Enterprises are Moving to Platform Strategies

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 6/14/17 6:30 AM

Many enterprises are looking to platform strategies as a way to lower long-term maintenance costs while taking advantage of more software innovation. This term platform is a word we are all hearing more and more in the software world. But why Platform?  Why now?  I can't speak to all platform strategies, but I can explain why we at Kingland think platform is compelling.

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A Banker, a Retailer, and an Accountant Walk into a Bar...

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 6/13/17 6:30 AM

Imagine these three characters really do walk into a bar together. They take a seat and begin talking about their priorities for the year. The banker commiserates about the latest regulatory deadline. The retailer talks about today's news about a top competitor. The accountant explains the challenges of ensuring there are no conflicts in taking on a new client. They order another round and continue the discussion. 

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A Simple Explanation of CAT Complexity

Posted by Tony Brownlee on 5/16/17 6:30 AM

The Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) is coming. With specifications coming out this summer and compliance dates approaching quickly in 2018, broker dealers are now starting to put plans in place to report and comply with CAT. Some in the industry are calling the CAT “revolutionary," particularly due to the requirements for customer and account information reporting. Put simply, if there is a trade occurring in the US equity or options markets, the customer and account information related to those trades must be reported. This is the first time that this breadth of customer and account data will be reported throughout the industry – nearly 1,800 broker dealers, more than 100 million accounts, and an estimated 50 million individual and institutional customers. Why? To help the regulators monitor, understand, and mitigate market-manipulating events across customers, accounts, instruments, and venues. 

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