Kingland launches Data Refinery as a next generation data platform

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Feb 29, 2024 6:15:00 AM



Clear Lake, IA, Fort Myers, FL


Kingland Systems ("Kingland"), a leading enterprise data, risk, and compliance software provider, announces the launch of Data Refinery, a cloud-based data & analytics platform that enables enterprises to manage end-to-end data refinement activities. With the Data Refinery platform, enterprises can aggregate and analyze, prepare and blend, and remediate data for higher-value use.

The Data Refinery Platform represents Kingland’s 5th generation of software, designed to the unique needs of large enterprises operating in data-intensive, highly-regulated industries. Kingland President and Chief Revenue Officer Tony Brownlee says “Data Refinery is incredibly powerful for our clients. By combining our 32 years of experience with financial industry challenges with our deep expertise in data challenges alongside advancements in cloud, AI, and security, we have re-imagined how enterprises can take advantage of critical data in all of their initiatives.” Data Refinery has been designed, developed, and tested to enable the financial services industry’s largest enterprises to:

  • Experiment, test, and pilot new data initiatives faster.
  • Refine data faster and more dynamically.
  • Respond confidently to regulators and auditors.
  • Proactively identify and prevent data issues.
  • Move data to the cloud, securely.
  • Remediate and govern critical data.

Large, global financial services firms trust Kingland Data Refinery to unlock the value of their data and modernize their technology in four critical areas of enterprise investment:

  1. Data for Risk & Regulatory Compliance, to leverage, improve, and expand critical data and achieve “regulatory grade data” required to meet regulatory standards and mitigate risk.
  2. Transformation & Modernization Programs, to migrate legacy data and processes, and build out next generation data pipelines, and automate data analytics and management to power next generation business products and services.
  3. Data as an Asset or Product, to assemble new data sets, augment and enrich the data, and develop new data assets to be integrated into business processes and new products.
  4. Data for AI, to experiment, expand, and improve the reliability of the data powering AI investments.

Only Kingland Data Refinery connects critical data, core systems, and disparate data tools to orchestrate efficient data projects in a governed, secure, and repeatable way. To learn more about Data Refinery, visit


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Kingland is a leading provider of enterprise-class software using a suite of products and teams of data and technology experts. The world's largest stock exchanges, financial institutions, public accounting firms, and other Fortune 500 companies use Kingland Products for data management, risk management, regulatory compliance, & data refinement. Since 1992, Kingland has helped data-intensive, highly-regulated clients discover new ways to securely grow their business and protect their reputation. For more information about Kingland, please visit

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