Kingland Platform Dramatically Reduces Time Spent Searching, Editing, Filtering, and Managing Client Data

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Mar 31, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Clear Lake, Iowa – Kingland, a leading provider of enterprise data software, announced today the advancement of its Kingland Platform to provide a simplified and automated approach to viewing client data and decision making. The burden of manually monitoring organizations and events is removed. Clients can quickly identify and act on the information they care about.

"From one screen, clients can quickly discover, edit, act on, and manage data in fewer clicks and searches," said Chief Technology Evangelist Matt Good. "We spent many months working with users, conducting usability testing and UX research, to understand what they needed to complete their data management tasks quickly and more efficiently. Creative adjustments to the UI decreased the amount of time users spent completing a data management task from five minutes to less than two minutes. In addition, the machine learning updates remove the burden of monitoring essential organizations and visually displays the entire hierarchy tree throughout the editing and analysis of client data."

Faster Decision Making Screenshot

Faster Decision Making
Recommendations, analysis, notifications ... these essential elements and more are loaded into the Kingland Platform to help clients make decisions from valued sources and accurate client data.

Clients get immediate and accurate notifications of events on the companies they need to monitor. Unlike buying a corporate action feed or managing rolling audits every month, quarter, or longer, clients understand what's happening with their essential clients using integrated data and on-time notifications from trusted sources and relevant events.

The powerful Platform accurately dissects pertinent information and provides notifications about all the companies you need to pay attention to. Let's say you're following two small companies that don't meet your threshold to watch every day. Both companies have $10 million in credit, yet your threshold is $15 million before anything is triggered. So what happens if the two companies merge? There's a chance of missing this event or catching it too late. This becomes an important event since the merger now created a $20 million risk.

The Platform's machine learning models grab, filter, and share this information directly with specified users. Information is displayed on one screen, revealing what kind of risk might be present in the entire hierarchy tree. For example, if one of the merged companies defaults, more defaults could permeate throughout the tree. Yet with the Platform, clients would be able to act on this information with a complete view of how this event could impact other organizations upstream or downstream.

Multi Tree View Screenshot

Simplifying Client Hierarchy Data Management
Managing a client hierarchy tree is fraught with potential errors and is traditionally a time-consuming activity. The latest improvements to the Platform allow clients to quickly drag and drop information into and out of a tree.

Clients can now see what's happening from one screen, viewing and acting upon the relationships created from editing organizations, parents, and children from the tree. Kingland Platform users can also compare two trees side-by-side, managing their data from one screen, and leveraging drag and drop editing capabilities.

An added benefit to the Platform's robust editing capabilities is the historical view of entities' changes.

Instantly View History of Attribute Changes
Clients can instantly view and understand attribute changes on a record and what it looked like historically and currently. This feature allows teams to dive into a history of changes on every attribute for every record and task associated with the changes.

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About Kingland
Kingland is a leading provider of enterprise-class software solutions using its Kingland Platform and teams of data and technology experts. The world's largest stock exchanges, financial institutions, public accounting firms, and other Fortune 500 companies use the Kingland Platform for data management, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Since 1992, Kingland has helped data-intensive, highly regulated clients discover new ways to grow their business and protect their reputation securely. For more information about Kingland, please visit

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