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Data Management Summit -  A Focus on AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive

Elisa Moorman
3/28/17 9:15 AM

Kingland will be actively engaged at the 2017 Data Management Summit (DMS) this year on April 4 in New York City. This conference brings together the community of data management professionals working within the financial technology industry. With key topics focusing on data quality, data governance, regulations, data lineage, AI, and entity data / client onboarding, DMS 2017 is a great event to keep up with the latest best practice approaches to both keep your firm in compliance and drive greater Machine learning, cognitive computing, artificial intelligenceefficiency in your data management efforts.

Join our Panel Discussion

Tony Brownlee, Kingland Partner and Board Member, will be participating in a panel called “Data innovation: How are emerging technologies being leveraged for data quality and greater insight?” Key discussion points will cover use cases for emerging technologies like Internet of Things, Robotics, AI, Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics along with how these technologies can be applied to improve data quality and drive business insight. We will also explore improving automation within our industry, and what impact that might have on the future of the data professional. This discussion will cover how the use of semantics can accelerate AI and Machine Learning, as well as the data management requirements for leveraging all of these emerging technologies. 

Artificial Intelligence Q&A Corner - An Interactive Whiteboard

Want to learn how all of these topics can apply more specifically to your business?  Kingland architects and engineers will be available throughout the conference at an interactive whiteboard.  Our data management professionals can cover key topics critical to your organization, including Data Management Engineering, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing, AI, and Security. Bring your questions and our team will be happy to help you visualize ways to improve your current and future data needs.

For more details on the DMS 2017 summit and a full conference agenda, visit the conference website.

Can’t make the conference, but have questions about one of these topics?  Feel free to contact us to learn more.


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