11 Efficiency-Improving Features of the Kingland Platform

Nick Nystrom
2/10/21 5:30 PM

Creating great customer experiences. Call it a healthy obsession. I work with Kingland clients and staff to influence the design elements that go into the Kingland Platform so individuals like you can get more work completed. We spent the last year analyzing how different levels of users across several industries interact with our solution. Could they quickly find what they needed to do their job? Were they able to complete their tasks faster? Do our ideas for improvement match what they want? 

What we discovered over the past 12 months evolved into a redesigned Platform UI with the following benefits: 

  • Easier to update and customize
  • Usability enhancements and highly-requested features
  • Fresh look and feel

Let's take a guided tour into the "usability enhancements and features" from fictional data analysts Laura and Joe to see what's new.

Toolbar and TreeToolbar and Tree
 is a data analyst responsible for several datasets in the Kingland Platform. Today, she’s updating the AbbVie Inc. tree.

She works fast and updates the tree frequently. A new, cleaner toolbar makes the most important buttons easier to find. And she can hover the info icons in the tree to instantly see relationship details.
AbbVie Screenshot
Multiple Parents-1Multiple Parents
Laura notices that AbbVie Biotechnology has multiple parents. She checks the relationship details by hovering on the Multiple Parents icon.

This doesn’t look right, so she decides to compare the two side-by-side.
Mulitple Parents Screen
Multiple Tree ViewMultiple Tree View
Sure enough, AbbVie Biotechnology LTD. is in the wrong tree. Laura drags and drops it back to the proper place.

This fixed, Laura selects a different tree on the right and moves a few more entities into the left tree.
Multiple Tree View Screen
Finally, Laura heads over to Legal Entities and searches for an entity called AbbVie & Company. It’s not in the system, so she clicks Create Legal Entity and enters the proper information.
Search Screen
Data ValidationData Validation
Laura’s pretty sure her previous search was comprehensive, but it’s possible that she missed a duplicate record. Not to worry, though – the Legal Name and DUNS are checked for duplicates as Laura types.

Her data entry is usually immaculate, but typos happen. Each identifier field autoformats her input to make sure it’s valid.

Laura fixes a typo in the DUNS number. Now everything looks good! Time to submit her changes for review.
Data Validation Screen

Change SummaryChange Summary
Laura wraps up her work and clicks Submit for Review. Just to make sure, she checks the change summary and verifies that her changes are all there and all correct.

She expands and collapses each record in the table to see its changes. Everything looks good.
Change Summary Screen
Laura switches back to the Submit tab. She tags her supervisor Ellen in a comment and fills out the description, due date, and reviewer. Finally, she clicks Submit.

A notification pops up that her submission was successful. Laura has notification emails turned off, but Joe gets an email that the changes are ready to review.
Workflow Screen
Joe opens the task and starts reviewing Laura’s changes. He notices an identifier change and wonders how many times that field has been updated.

He opens the History view and clicks on the Change view. By filtering for that identifier, he notes that it’s been updated every year.
History Screen
Joe returns to the record view and clicks “Approve”. Done!
Approval Screen
Joe has one thing left on his to-do list. In a recent update to the NAICS classifications, two codes have been merged into a new code.

Joe searches for all records in the system that match the old codes. He exports the results, preparing to change the codes for those entities.
Export Screen
Joe downloads the latest Legal Entity Import template and pastes in the data from his export. He copies the new NAICS code into the proper column, uploads the file, and submits it.

The import takes about 3 minutes. There are no errors, and the changes are successfully imported.
Import Screen
Wrapping up
Laura and Joe are just one example of how the new Platform features can improve efficiency and ease of use for your employees. If these features are interesting for your use case, speak with a Kingland expert today about upgrading to the redesigned Platform UI!

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