What Makes a Company Essential?

Joe Schattschneider
9/9/20 3:08 PM

Kingland is the data platform for the world's most integral companies. But many people ask us, "What makes a company integral?" We addressed some of this in our blog post last week, but "integral" is more than an idea. It is the fundamental framework that makes businesses essential to the flow of commerce and modern life.

We conducted a data analysis exercise to quantify 35 integral companies based on three pre-defined components:

  • Dependency: Integral companies are of considerable economic and social importance
  • Reach: Integral companies have global, wide-spreading impact
  • Resiliency: Integral companies display incredible forward-looking preparation and technical prowess

The values for each component use a combination of quantitative and qualitative variables.


The results are not surprising. Retailers and financial institutions contribute an incredible assortment of far-reaching significance.

Click here for an interactive view of the chart.

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