When UI Meets the Customer Promise

Nick Nystrom
11/12/20 4:06 PM

It took months of watching how people used the Kingland Platform, months of meetings discussing 'must-have' features, and months of tweaks before the Kingland team believed they were ready to provide an excellent user experience out of the box for clients.

The magic of focusing on the user experience means everything works well for the client. According to a study by Forrester, whether the result is increasing efficiency, raising revenues, or simplifying the complex, an exemplary user interface (UI) can boast an ROI of 9,900%.

The latest design behind the Kingland Platform updates the look and feel and immediately reveals capabilities that clients expect when working with data. Let's take a look.

Kingland Platform Muli-Pane User Interface

Figure 1: Search, edit, and view entity data within the multi-pane user interface.

Efficient Workspace

When searching through entities, it's great to have choices, but it's better to get right to the point and see everything related to your search.

With the updates made to the Kingland Platform, clients can view multiple trees side-by-side, add a parent or child, and drag and drop information between trees. There's no need to switch between an entity and the search to interact with your data.

Our UI team's goal was to increase client efficiency and provide a great experience out of the box.
Kingland Platform Data Imports and Exports

Figure 2: Use light-weight administrative user interfaces for critical actions like build data imports and exports. 

Robust Workflow 

The Kingland team created a lightweight workflow which speeds up implementation and maintenance updates. In the past, clients used one workflow that solved many of the most complex concepts, but we discovered that it was unnecessary at times.

Clients can still assign reviewers and see every change made to a specific entity. The workflow sidebar is visible within the panels. It allows clients to see what workflow step a record is in, identify active tasks, view changes to a record, and more.
Kingland Platform Essential Data Tasks and Operations

Figure 3: View, manage, and organize essential data tasks and operations.

My Tasks Page

Sometimes you want to know where you need to look for information on your dashboard. Kingland added a set of pages to give users a consistent place to find, track, submit, and pick up tasks when working with data.

Call it a central hub. Let's say you're logging back into your system after lunch to complete an earlier task. You can visit the 'My Tasks' page, select the appropriate drafts tab, and jump in where you left off. This removes fumbling around, searching for tasks, saves time, and improves efficiency.

Ultimately, the UI enhancements to the Kingland Platform lets you get what you want in just a click or two - all on one screen. 

Take a look at what's in store for Kingland Platform clients. 

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