Adapting with the Kingland Platform

Tony Brownlee
11/5/20 3:54 PM

This month we’re excited to be announcing the latest release of our 4th generation Kingland Platform. As we look back on 2020, we’ve seen business models change and operations tested in ways we couldn’t predict. Business leaders have had to adapt and overcome.

I like that word: Adapt.

It’s a reminder that we must improve and make progress, and it’s this spirit of adapting that drives our Platform improvements. Some of the highest impact areas include:

  • Upgrading our user interface capabilities to improve user experience and more quickly deliver our clients’ applications. (We've provided a screenshot further down this page.)
  • Simplifying how we configure workflows to empower clients who are thinking about work differently and efficiently.
  • Modernizing how to get data into and out of the Platform for better integration with enterprise applications and processes.

Put simply, our team has done some fantastic work thinking about how to help our clients. This latest release of our Platform embodies our commitment to helping our clients adapt their business, data, and technology strategies. I encourage you to sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn to see what we've been up to.



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