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Why We Chose a Partnership Structure

2/25/16 3:19 PM

We operate Kingland on a partnership model.  A group of partners pool their resources and talents to fund, operate, and grow our business.

ThinkstockPhotos-186347725.jpgIn our study of organizational structures over time, our observation is that this type of structure yields the best combination of results and rewards for a software and services business like ours. It provides a career track for those individuals who are passionate about building a company, finding and closing business, mentoring and growing new employees, and creating and delivering solutions to complex problems for our clients. The partner is the pinnacle of our professional career track. Partners are responsible for creating new business opportunities, sustaining and growing existing business relationships, and ensuring our company’s economic and professional viability. Many factors come into play in “making partner” in our company:

  1. Your ability to bring in business
  2. How you relate to clients
  3. The quality of your work
  4. How you relate to your superiors, peers, associates and staff
  5. Your choice of specialization and expertise
  6. Your ability to learn quickly
  7. The trust staff places in you to keep the firm growing, profitable and successful
  8. Your ability to have a positive impact on staff retention, development, and training

Partnerships have a long history going back to at least the middle ages where they were developed to ensure fair compensation for the risk of lending money and to mutually strengthen businesses that needed to trade and transport freight. In our partnership the model allows us to blend unique skills and strengths with lines of authority and succession planning. All these factors come together to create an environment where the partners are unified in how their skills, experiences, interests, and capital are deployed for the best possible outcome and long-term success and strength of the business.  

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