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An Important Security Standard that Protects Enterprise Data

Calista Wegner
8/17/21 9:38 AM

Long before big data became a buzzword, we were prepping our software solutions for the oncoming security needs of our clients. 

Data is the most crucial and essential asset for a company. Enterprise data volume is expected to increase by more than 42 percent annually from 2020-2022. This firehose of data will help companies solve business problems, improve lives, and enable individuals to make informed decisions. To do this, companies must remove data silos so their experts can access and analyze critical information. 

But keep in mind ... security is the linchpin for safe and accessible data. 

Managing information systems is paramount to being prepared against never-ending information threats. Organizations can adopt proactive measures to minimize the probability and reduce a threat's impact on a business. One international standard with this principle as its basis is ISO 27001.

This standard ensures that data is protected and accessible.

Kingland underwent ISO 27001 certification this year for key information systems. It's our way of proving our commitment to information security and continued dedication to proactively increasing client confidence in our organization. Achieving this certification demonstrates that we have identified risks, assessed implications, and placed controls to limit potential damage. 

But is this certification for you?

Relying solely on cybersecurity software provides minimal coverage as new attack methods and outdated software can leave pathways to your data. As you add tools, solutions, and valuable data to your environment, you'll want assurances that you're aligned with customer requirements, the business is resilient, and the security of systems and information is reliable. Organizations that establish and maintain a documented controls and management system can better identify and reduce security risks. Companies can add cloud security monitoring, insider threat detection, and network traffic analysis to the mix to strengthen this certification. 

The challenge of data protection is getting started and being vigilant. 

At Kingland, our clients expect us to do more than check security boxes. Our security journey included building a team of security professionals who would ensure we met ongoing security requirements from clients. Coupled with AICPA SSAE 18 SOC 2, our NIST SP 800-53 controls, and the US Department of Commerce Privacy Shield, Kingland has created a strong foundation for the industries we serve. Each year we test our practices and controls against standards audited by third parties. These auditors interview our staff and review evidence that our controls operate and are designed effectively. 

As the world - and companies - innovate with new technologies and growth, the digital economy has opened new risk pathways. Many integral companies require disciplined efforts and investment in highly secure software development from their partners. Companies want proof that they can trust their partner will meet the stringent requirements of their company, industry, and regulators.

"We listen to our clients and act on their security needs," said Chief Security Officer Alex Olson. "This accomplishment doesn't happen without our people and the investments we've made in our processes, our internal audit, and the security program."

Learn more about our security standards

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