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Defining Culture at Kingland

Tony Brownlee
7/27/20 7:58 AM

This summer we launched a renewed focus on the Core Values of Kingland. For those of you that know us, you know there’s a distinctive culture at Kingland. It wasn’t until late last year, though, that we cracked the code on what our core values really are.  

How’d we do it? Leadership set the direction and then got out of the way. A cross section of some of our best and brightest team members came together and wrestled our core values to the ground. Instead of coming up with 10 important words or researching other companies and repeating some of the common core values you see, they got to the heart of Kingland. What makes us who we are?  What do we want the next generation of team members to embody?  What’s really important for our clients? The result - authenticity, creativity, excellence, and ownership – emerged as our Kingland Core Values. 

“We are authentic in how we work and treat each other, acting with integrity and transparency in all of our interactions.”

“We use our creativity to solve the problems around us and know that the smallest ideas can grow into amazing solutions.”

“We are committed to delivering and maintaining quality and professionalism in all we do for our clients, our teammates, and our communities.”

“We always take responsibility, uphold our commitments, and tenaciously work to improve and invest towards long-term value.”

The results have been powerful. We’re now clear on four core values that get to the heart of Kingland. Team members are using them to think about their goals and their work. They’re recognizing each other through our rewards program when they see our core values in action. They’re even blogging internally about experiences they’ve had over the years with one or more of our core values. The stories have reminded us how we've worked with clients to solve challenging data problems and how the smallest efforts can make the biggest impact.  

I’m sharing these core values publicly today to help our clients, partners, vendors, and everyone understand what drives us at Kingland. While Kingland is a software company with a lot of focus on our Kingland Platform and extensive processes, it’s our people who are the cornerstone of what we’re able to do. Our people get it done, day in, day out. Ask us to share a story about our core values.  Share your core values with us. I hope that when you engage with us, you’ll experience the authenticity, creativity, excellence, and ownership we’re all working to embody. 

Learn more about our culture.

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